How to Search for Blueprints


Sometimes you can end up with hundreds of Blueprints across your organization, making it harder to find the exact Blueprint that you're looking for. We recommend going through the following steps to find a Vessel that you may be looking for.


  1. Navigate to the Blueprints Page.

  2. On the Active Blueprints table, click the "Magnifying Glass" icon right next to "Blueprint Name".

  3. Type the words you want to find. All of Shipyard's search fields are case insensitive.

  4. Click the "Search" button.

  5. If a matching Blueprint was found, you'll see the table filter to these Blueprint.

If no matching Vessel was found, you'll see a screen that says "No Blueprints Found". You can try the following options:

  1. Try a different search term.

  2. Search for the owner, if you know who created it.

  3. Search for the Blueprint on the "Test Blueprints" or "Inactive Blueprints" table.