User Permissions


The User Permissions page contains all the knobs and levers to determine the level of access that a user has to your Organization's instance of Shipyardd. To view this page, a user must have the Edit permission for the Users element.

Permissions are granted in a matrix that allows you to specify permission levels for each element.



  • Create - Ability to make new elements or duplicate existing ones.

  • View - Ability to see and interact with an element.

  • Edit - Ability to make changes to an existing element.

  • Delete - Ability to remove the element permanently.

Accessible Projects

Choose which specific projects a user should have access to. Project names are automatically completed as you type them.



  1. Access settings are applied at the Organization level. In other words, a selected setting will apply to every project that a user has access to.

  2. You cannot currently restrict a user's ability to create, view, edit, and delete Vessels and Fleets. By default, a user has all of these abilities for these elements.

  3. A user has access to all Vessels and all Fleets contained within a Project that they have access to.

  4. The User Permissions page is the only way to view all projects that exist.

  5. There is no way to guarantee that a user has access to all current and future projects. If a user has Create permissions for Projects, it is possible for "Rogue Projects" to exist.