Visual Editor


The Visual editor for Fleets, located on the Vessels tab of a Fleet, allows you to add and remove Vessels and Paths. This editor was designed to be an intuitive drag-and-drop mechanism to visualize and create complex solutions all in the same location.

For information about how to use the visual editor, hover over the question mark icon in the top-left corner.

  • Click on the canvas to add a Vessel.

  • Click on the Vessel name to edit it.

  • Click & Drag on a Vessel to move it.

  • Click & Drag on the Canvas to re-position your view of Vessels.

  • Hover over a Vessel to reveal the delete button and the new path button.

  • Hover over a path to reveal the delete button.

  • Click & Drag from the new path button to another Vessel to create a path.

  • Click on a path to change the condition to Errored or Completed.