A project is a flexible way to categorize everything that your organization is actively working on. You can use this to separate work for individual clients, vendors, or internal teams.

Stored Data

Projects store the following data about themselves.



Organization Name

The company or organization that the project belongs to.

Project Name

The display name of the project that is shown to all users.

Project ID

The UUIDv4 for the project.


The timezone that all Voyages for the project are scheduled in.


View every project in your organization with highlighted data around Vessel count and job status.


  1. Vessels cannot be moved between projects in the UI right now, so you'll want to make sure that you internally agree on the setup as a team. If you need to move a Vessel to a new project reach out to support.

  2. Vessels in one project cannot interact with a Vessel or a Fleet in another project.

  3. Vessels cannot be scheduled to run in a timezone other than the project's selected timezone. It is currently not possible to mix timezones within a single project.

  4. A project cannot be shared between two organizations. If you would like to give an external member access to Vessels within a project, you'll need to add them to your organization and give them access to that specific project.

  5. A project name must be unique within your organization.

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